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 Inaugural post

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Location : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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PostSubject: Inaugural post   Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:24 pm

This new section is up and running so I thought I should make the inaugural post.

Well I'll just tell a little about myself and then go into what cacti I have.

My names Mitch and I live in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne. I'm 16 years old and enjoy cricket, footy, mountainbiking, bushwalking and camping. I play for Endeavour Hills Cricket Club and finally made runs this week for the first time in a long while. Had a habit of making ducks; some of which were golden.

I've been keeping cactus and succulents for probably 3-5 years and have what I think isn't a bad collection.
Don't know what the hell half the plants are called but I know I've got mammiliara, aloes, gasteria and haworthia, a couple of small barrel cactus and a few feros. Got some lithops and a beautiful faucaria which is starting to develop some nice ridges along the middle of the leaves.

Only ever propagated through cutting, rhizomes or offsets. Tried my hand at raising seedlings but when they popped through I never watered them and they died.

My cactus do well because I give them a bit of benign neglect during some periods and it seems to do them well.

In the future I wish to grow some very slow growers by seed such as aztekium and ariocarpus. Looking at sowing my first arios in the coming weeks.

And that's about it for me.
Oh, and I also breed tropical fish. I'm in the process of selling up though so if anyone wants to buy any just contact me afro

Cheers. Mitch
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PostSubject: Re: Inaugural post   Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:19 pm

Awesome I'm glad someone has taken the plunge !!

A warm welcome to the forum I hope we can help increase your cacti knowledge and growing skills. You should try raising from seed again it is very rewarding once you get the hang of it, there is a wealth of information on the forum to help you.

Again Welcome,


My Cacti Blog, please come visit me.


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Inaugural post
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